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1. ट्विटर पर Karen Kleiss: "Thanks for the kind words. Sad to leave the EJ, but beyond thrilled to join the AGO. Also: Leo. #Booter #gratitude"

2. ट्विटर पर Global Edmonton: "WATCH: The Morning News crew had a dance party on set. Except Slav. He wasn't feeling the music. #yeg #yegmedia"

4. ट्विटर पर Ryan Jespersen: "Ugly lid, some greasy goals, but a beauty 8-5 Team Media win over #Oilers alumni at Quikcard Minor Hockey Week! #yeg"

5. ट्विटर पर Sean Burke: "@TheRobChristie in a #snuggie It happened and here's the proof. Only Rob could make it look DAMN good. #yegmedia"

7. ट्विटर पर The Unknown Studio: "Well, that's a wrap, everyone. 6+ years of #yeg podcasty goodness with @scottybomb and @bingofuel ends this week"

8. ट्विटर पर Brent Wittmeier: "Wow. @SheilamPratt is also leaving the @edmontonjournal. One of #yeg's smartest, deepest, most feared and respected reporters. #yegmedia"

9. ट्विटर पर Tim Querengesser: "Cat, c'mon out of the bag. I'm happy to announce that I'm becoming managing editor at @metroedmonton in a few weeks. Love this city. #yeg"

10. ट्विटर पर Tim Querengesser: "Pretty damn pumped for 2015. Watch for these bylines @MetroSteph @Metro_Leah @MetroRyan and watch for great things from @metroedmonton"